JPSO Tests Out Drone at Marrero Crime Scene

Drive-by Blogging.

If there is a remote-control involved, it’s not a drone, it would be a R.C. aircraft, or a U.A.V. Not a drone, not a drone, not a drone. I will continue to drone on about it not being a drone. Just because it looks hi-tech compared to R.C. toys of the past does not make it anything different but a fancier remote-controlled aircraft. People have put cameras on R.C. toys since the invention of both. This is not a new thing, just new style R.C. aircraft designs with lighter and tougher plastic parts, rechargeable batteries instead of just gas powered engines, and they have also become much more affordable for the average person.

The media has my 90+ year old land-lady worried about drones, I know this because she asked me about them. The media has made it out like there is no other reason to fly a R.C. aircraft than to spy on people and be a pervert. There are times people fly them with no cameras on them whatsoever, and it’s simply the joy of being able to fly the darn thing. How many times did you fly a kite when you were younger? How often did you wish there was a way to control it and be able to let go of the string? Did you ever want to put a camera on it just to get the kite’s point of view? Did you fly your kite around thinking if I just had a camera on it I could spy on people sunbathing? But hey if you want to think everybody wants to watch you shower while peeping through your bathroom window with an R.C. aircraft instead of just standing on a ladder, I guess I can’t stop you.

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