Prince Wants More Black Girls to Become Computer Programmers


NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – #YesWeCode has partnered with Prince & ESSENCE Fest to encourage more black girls to learn coding.

It’s been said black girls just aren’t interested in computer science, woman aren’t good analytical thinkers.

But the girls here today tell us that’s a lie. “I love science I like astronomy, and I know other girls who also like those things,” says 12-year-old Olivier Ross.

She believes the real problem behind the lack of African American women going into computer based fields is fear.

“It’s because they’re afraid. I know there’s a computer programming class in my school, and I’m the only girl. Normally you want to do things with your friends and if you don’t know anyone there, it’s scary,” she says.

Another #YesWeCode seminar attendee believes it goes back to stereotypes.

“I think that African American girls are kind of put in this one category,” she says.

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