Here’s the truth about that ‘Glastonbury’ viral photo of the little boy disgusted at a naked hippie


Warning: Very saggy hippie cheeks

Joining the great moments of history caught on camera such as the fall of the Berlin Wall, Thatcher in tears leaving Number 10, the kid scared at saggy naked hippie has rightfully earned its place.

The image was retweeted thousands of times after Paddy Power has uploaded the image to Twitter saying: ‘This is probably the best photo you’ll see this weekend…’

While many commented discussing naked hippies, some looked deeper noting the lack of tarmac at Glastonbury festival in the Somerset countryside and the road depicted in the image.

The Independent found out that the image actually originated from a blog post in 2010 by Joey Devilla on his website entitled ‘The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the Twenty-First Century.’

Photographs like this make you wonder where this photo was taken and why the hippie pictured was the only one in shot in his birthday…

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