Set-up a Ubuntu webcam security system


Have you ever wanted to spy see on what is going on in your home while you are away? Motion is a piece of open source software that acts as a motion detector. It enables you to set-up a webcam server that you can have all your cameras connected too, so you can view them remotely and also upload them to a remote server. Motion should run on most linux distributions but for this exercise I’m using the desktop version of Ubuntu linux.


  • Extra computer that we’ll use as the server.
  • Distro of linux installed on the server. (Recommended, Ubuntu)
  • USB webcam with a linux driver
  • Static IP set for the server
  • General knowledge of Linux like OS’s.
  • A bit of free time

Step One

Okay lets start off by downloading the linux driver for your webcam. This great man wrote a single driver that is compatible with…

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