O_o Mary Landrieu: Getting Rid of Me Would Not Be Good For The Country (“…and it’s future.”)

Washington Free Beacon

Published on May 6, 2014

Obama’s Hail Mary To Landrieu

Faux Pas Waves A Wish

Faux Pas Waves A Wish

Inside Politics: Landrieu’s Double #FauxPas | #Louisiana #HollywoodSouth


Deneen Borelli: Where does Mary Landrieu stand?

KELLY: Mary Landrieu has come out tonight and basically said that Louisiana knows better than to believe you. They say — this is the full quote. She pins it on the Koch brothers who put this AFP ads (ph) and you are in one of them — “Louisianans know better than to believe what they hear from the out of state billionaire Koch brothers,” and she goes on to say that the Affordable Care Act does not affect tri-care or VA health care services. She’s calling into question your claims.

SCHIFF: You know, I’m glad you’re bringing that up. We’re not saying that my veteran benefits were somehow lessened. I don’t receive any type of veteran benefits. I don’t qualify for tri-care, nor do I qualify for VA benefits. So, that is not even an issue. The issue is that I had a plan that I liked, that I could afford. It was cancelled because of ObamaCare and now, I have to pay more.

Marine tells Sen. Landrieu why she’s wrong about health care

Americans for Prosperity back with another negative Mary Landrieu ad

A Marine’s ObamaCare Story

The Mary Landrieu-AFP Fight Gets Louder

Mary Landrieu gets best actress Oscar for Louisiana-fighter role

Louisiana Senate contest embodies Democrats’ task: win black voters

Mary L. Landrieu is one of the most vulnerable Democrats in the U.S. Senate, and her chances of reelection this fall could come down to her ability to turn out African American voters like Barbara Brown.

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