Blacks, Popeyes Fried Chicken, and The Movies

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Published on Apr 25, 2014

Blacks, Popeyes Fried Chicken, and The Movies, Ghetto Blacks In The Hood……


Petey Greene – How to Eat Watermelon

When you’re right you’re right.

It is a crime in the south to not have watermelon (in season) at social functions.

Fried chicken is just a year-round essential food group, I mean com’on.

Of course this goes back to the days of buying votes with food at campaign events.  It’s portrayed as if  no white folks ever ate any chicken and watermelon. O_o

Chicken and watermelon is a southern thing ya’ll, not a black thang!

And God put handles on chicken legs for a reason, everything’s easier if it’s finger food!

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