Inside Politics: Landrieu’s Double #FauxPas | #Louisiana #HollywoodSouth

Faux Pas Waves A Wish

Faux Pas Waves A Wish

Louisiana Democrat highlights independence from Obama in new ad

AP WH Correspondent: Democrats Distancing Themselves From Obama [Video]

Published on Apr 16, 2014
John King, Juana Summers and Jonathan Martin on the senator’s campaign ad that has people talking.

Hollywood Continues to Flee California at Alarming Rate

They nerfed their taxes.

Louisiana Legislators Debate Porn, Film Credits

Sen Mary Landrieu’s magnificent fake campaign ad reboot

Charlie Spiering

Published on Apr 15, 2014

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Senator Hilariously Re-Creates Senate Hearing For Campaign Ad

“Louisiana is a purple state.” – M.L.

“Because of all the bruised voters.” –  B.L.J.

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