Teen who sued parents gets $56K scholarship


WPIX 11 New York

teen sues parents Rachel Canning appears before a New Jersey judge, who denied her request to demand tuition and financial support from her parents.

A New Jersey teen who recently sued her parents demanding financial support has been awarded a $56,000 scholarship to attend a private New England university.

“Decision made,” Rachel Canning said in a March 30 post, NJ.com reported. “WNE U class of 2018 BME Major w/ 56,000$ (sic) scholarship.”

In a case that garnered headlines nationwide, 18-year-old Canning took her mother and father to court last month alleging they were abusive and kicked her out of their home, leaving her unable to support herself financially.

Shortly after a judge denied Canning’s request for high school tuition and living expenses, the teen moved back home with her parents and eventually dropped the lawsuit.

A spokeswoman for Western New England University told NJ.com in a statement Wednesday that she cannot…

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