Road Rage Tailgater Gets Comeuppance On Video

That’ll learn ya.

CBS Tampa

TAMPA (CBS Tampa) – Call it road rage karma…a tailgater on U.S. 41 spun off the road and crashed…and it was captured on video.

Tracy Lynn Sloan of Lakeland was fed up with the driver of the 2008 Ford pickup that had been riding on her bumper for several minutes.

She took out her phone and started recording what was happening.

The Florida Highway Patrol says the driver was 33-year-old Jeffrey Travis White of Tampa.

White sped around Sloan and flipped her the bird as he was doing so. Then he apparently lost control of his vehicle, spun out and hit a light pole in the median strip.

Sloan’s recording captures her own laughter as the accident unfolds. “That’s what you get, all on video, buddy,” she says near the end. Sloan gave the video to the police and then posted it to YouTube.

“This pathetic excuse for a human being…

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