How Tea Party Donor Money Went To Establishment

Published on Mar 15, 2014

Connected to McCutcheon Case and Dan Backer
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Lee Stranahan.Com

We all noticed a sort of  ‘circling of the wagons’ of the Breitbart notables, and the almost  ‘disappeared over night’ voices of some of those notables after Andrew’s death.  Don’t think we didn’t.

Breitbart the man, and Breitbart the website are two very different personalities.

I’ve always respected Darby for stopping possible violence at one of the Republican conventions (I think it was), but Stranahan’s interview of Darby is really the only way I learned of Darby in fuller scope –  what happened in that story.  So what ever “whistle blower”, “snitch” however you feel about Brandon,  I don’t lnow about all this other stuff.  Sounds like bad karma man, bad karma.

Anyway, none of it’s surprising, some of it’s surprising, that’s life.

We need more voices Breitbart, not fewer.  Of that aforementioned,  I know for sure, or something.

Oh and, “I don’t know, and I don’t like it.”

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