Men’s Rights Activists Didn’t Like Lena Dunham’s SNL Skit That Made Fun of Men’s Rights Activists

More He said, She said. WRAs upset with MRAs for being upset with WRAs. And the AKA [Acronym Knowledge Activists] are upset you don’t know what AKA means. Sorry AKA I was AFK. TTFN.


Shocker alert: Lena Dunham has angered people on the internet.

The Girls creator hosted Saturday Night Live on March 8 — which happened to be International Women’s Day— and appeared in a skit called “Jewelry Party” (above). The skit, which also starred SNL cast members Cecily Strong and Mike O’Brien, featured a man accompanying his Venezuelan girlfriend to a jewelry party, where he was outed as a men’s rights activist in front of her feminist friends.

For the uninitiated, men’s rights activists (MRAs) belong to a somewhat amorphous grassroots movement in which men — and, surprisingly, a few women — advocate for, well, men’s rights on the grounds that anti-male discrimination is allegedly a widespread problem. While some MRAs focus on discrimination in child custody cases or female-on-male domestic violence, which are objectively worthy concerns, others push a more problematic agenda, such as arguing that sexual assault numbers are inflated

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