California Governor Jerry Brown says legalized marijuana is bad for American alertness

Published on Mar 4, 2014

California Governor Jerry Brown came off sounding like a bit like a fuddy duddy on Sunday after telling NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ that he thought legalizing marijuana might dull the keen edge of American competitiveness on the global market.

Oh yeah, he’s 75. A spry 75, but still, 75, a point only emphasized by the comment.

The longest-serving governor (if you count [cumulative] office time) told host David  Gregory that the ‘World’s pretty dangerous, very competitive. I think we need to stay alert, if not 24 hours a day, more than some of the potheads might be able to put together.’

In the brief interview, during which he spoke on other subjects, including gay marriage and the possibility of Hillary Clinton running for president in 2016, he said he would keep an eye the effects of legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana in Colorado and Washington, both of which recently lifted laws on recreational use.

Gov. Brown explained his position with his fear that deregulation would lead to a surge in marijuana consumption.

“The problem with anything, a certain amount is OK. But there is a tendency to go to extremes,” he said. ”And all of a sudden, if there’s advertising and legitimacy, how many people can get stoned and still have a great state or a great nation?”

In December of last year, the governor pardoned 127 convicted felons, the majority of whom committed non-violent drug crimes. However, the pardons came just after Brown killed a bill that would have reduced felony charges for possession of hard drugs, such as cocaine and heroin, to misdemeanors.

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