Texas Man Detained In Psych Ward, Nursing Home Without Due Process

RICHARDSON, TX — A man says that after he drove himself to a hospital for a surgery, social workers detained him against his will and he was then put into a psychiatric ward, and ultimately a nursing home. In a wild exhibition of state power, the man has been a prisoner without due process and no way to free himself.

On February 21st, Charlie Fink, of Arlington, Texas, drove himself to Methodist Richardson Medical Center for a scheduled hernia surgery. Fink, 85, was scheduled to leave three days later. But to his dismay, he was locked in a room against his will and told he may not leave.


Forget about FEMA camps, nursing homes, psych wards, prisons, and wherever CPS sends your children will become the new concentration camps.

In the digital age it is easy to plant evidence that makes innocent people look like a pedophile.  It’s easy for a person who has some vendetta against a person to make false claims and have someone arrested.   It’s easy to claim a messy person can’t take care of themselves even though they may have always been messy.

Once branded a pedophile,  incapable of taking care of yourself, or a threat to society and yourself,  good luck proving you’re innocent.

If you manage to clear your name as far as the law is concerned, good luck finding a job, the newspapers or television stations will not be blasting that news out on a bullhorn to help clear your name to the public.  And you will owe some lawyers a lot of money.

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