Supreme Court Denies Review in Gun Rights Cases

Published on Feb 27, 2014

Cam Edwards talks to Ken Klukowski, legal editor of Breitbart News – For more information, go to:… – NRA News – February 25, 2014 –


Updating our report from Feb. 23, on Monday morning the Supreme Court declined to consider two National Rifle Association cases on whether young adults have full Second Amendment rights, and whether those rights for any Americans—young or old—extend outside the home.

As Breitbart News previously reportedNRA v. ATF is a case challenging a provision in federal law that forbids law-abiding adults ages 18-20 from buying handguns at a federally-licensed firearm dealer, such as a local gun shop. Adults under age 21 can buy rifles or shotguns, and they can own handguns, and they can buy those handguns from any other source—including for example a questionable person who lives down the street. However, they cannot buy from the heavily-regulated and heavily-audited federally-licensed dealer who would be required to perform a background check before selling such a gun and keep a record of the sale in case the gun were ever used in a crime at a later date. Many experts considered this federal provision—a holdover from an earlier anti-gun time—to be irrational and a prime target to be struck down by a federal court.

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