Republicans look to drug test Welfare Recipients, Obama, White House, and Congress

Published on Feb 26, 2014

Republicans congressional candidate look to drug test Obama, White House, and Congress.

Not that I disagree, but the taxpayers will have to foot the bill for the drug testing.  I don’t see it saving any money, it’s possible it could wind up costing more money than is wasted.

It’s one of those issues that sounds good but could wind up back-firing.  I also know that when the economy is going great, few politicians are complaining about waste.

What if we find out it is a minority of people on welfare are on drugs?  All the money we would be wasting to drug test the clean.  Let’s say we do this, and everybody starts passing their drug tests.  Do we keep spending the money to drug test just in case?  Why don’t we just drug test all of the United State’s citizens?  Where would it end?

I don’t think it is as simple as some would like to believe.  If you’re on welfare you would more or less be presumed guilty until you prove your innocence.

How often would we drug test?  Would they have advanced notice?  A chance to be clean before the test?  Would we have Sheriffs run around and randomly bang on people’s doors known to be on welfare and administer a test?  Would we wind up with a drug-testing Czar?

I am sure the drug-testing companies would love for something like this to happen.

As with a lot of things, just because we can or could, doesn’t mean we should.

How about we start saving money by not sending tax-payer money to countries who hate us and all the gobbledygook earmarks for wasteful projects.

Drug testing government officials I have no problem with, talk the talk, walk the walk.  It would not be  as costly as drug testing every welfare recipient.

Just because you may wind up a welfare recipient shouldn’t mean you should have to give up your privacy, freedoms, or dignity.

Anyway, that’s my 2 cents,  which is probably worth about 0.00001 cents  in this economy.

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