Poll Results: #Jindal,#MaryJane,#SavePierre | #Louisiana

A whopping 28 individuals voted in the Jindal poll.  75% gave a boo hiss to Bobby Jindal with the lowest ranking of poor.

A deluge of 25 people voted in the marijuana poll.

A tie was made with both at 32% between,  ‘Why isn’t it legal in Louisiana already?’, and “Legal or illegal you will have to pry my marijuana from my cold dead hands!’.

1 sick bastard voted to screw sick people.  Ergo,  ARGO…

2 individuals voted for ‘Other’.  One stoned individual likes pie, the other voted for legalization with the caveat of  limited amounts of dispensaries per state and city.

An avalanche of four people voted in a very weak pole.

75% said to save Pierre’s face.

1 voted to shave it.

Serious Pickle thanks each and every one of you for voting.  Let’s shoot for 30 people next time.  New polls coming soon.

Although the polls are closed on this site, the SodaHead versions should still be active.

How do you view Bobby Jindal?

Louisiana: What is your view of marijuana?


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