Who is Ms. Goth? | #Ms.Goth #Piffle #P.E.T.

What is the meaning of this madness?

A short time ago, in a galaxy very very close…

That doesn’t clarify a darn thing.

In fact, I am more confused than ever.

All madness, no method.

Wait, but that could be the method?

So we have some Goth chick, the largest Parakeet I have ever seen, and a Matchstick with arms and legs, or something.

Nope, still not getting it…I have no point of reference.

P.E.T.A. is not going to be very happy with this Goth chick.

I think we might have to revisit this ‘Who is Ms. Goth?’ issue.

It demands some kind of clarification, that may never come.

Like an infinite teaser, or lazy cheap trick.  At this point does it matter?

I thought not.

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