Neil Riser campaign worker linked to defunct church girls’ home, accusations of sexual abuse by father-in-law minister

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Two men with ties to a defunct church-operated home for girls and boys in Bienville Parish—and to the Baptist minister and accused sexual predator who ran the facility—currently are actively involved in the congressional campaign of State Sen. Neil Riser (R-Columbia), LouisianaVoice has learned.

Timothy Johnson of Choudrant in Lincoln Parish, who was fired earlier this year as a vice president at Louisiana College after leading an unsuccessful coup against President Joe Aguillard, is married to the daughter of Rev. Mack Ford who ran New Bethany Home for Girls and Boys south of Arcadia in Bienville Parish for several decades.

Timothy Johnson performs work on behalf of the Riser campaign, Riser’s campaign headquarters confirmed on Monday. His son, Jonathan Johnson, Ford’s grandson, worked for about a decade as State Director for retiring 5th District Congressman Rodney Alexander at $75,000 per year and is currently a paid employee…

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10 responses to “Neil Riser campaign worker linked to defunct church girls’ home, accusations of sexual abuse by father-in-law minister

  1. I vowed one day that I would tell what really happened at New Bethany. I have had nightmares since the second I was abducted by my mother & her 3rd husband. My first day & night I will never forget. Waking up there for 365 days is HORRIFIC. When any of us start to talk about New Bethany We are to shut up cause they don’t want to hear it. Well I got my education from New Bethany. Doesn’t anyone want to know what we were really taught. We were taught that we were Liars Thieves Drug Addicts Heffers Whores Sluts Jezebell’s. EVERYDAY. The Diploma is NO GOOD. What is that A school that is no good. What is wrong with that picture. Everyone of us had been brainwashed of our childhoods. We were not taught Love. We did not even get to go outside to ride Sheila Fords Horse. I know cause I had to take care of it and feed it. Strange I don’t even remember the horses name. I never rode the horse ever. I grew up in Saddle Barns growing up in Indiana. I was also a basketball player, very very fast but was never allowed to run not once up and down that court. I was known for my half court shot. I watched alot of beatings everyday too. I remember sitting in Church Mack Ford Crying & telling about Lester Roloffs plane going down and the Honey Bee Quartet were killed. Mack Ford said that New Bethany had a 90 % failure rate. Once you went out that gate if you Wore Pants Cut Your Hair or Watched TV you were going to Hell. That was so you wouldn’t come back I am sure. Lots of girls would cut there hair for sure cause if you did get to go back your hair was good. They told you they could keep you till you are 21 when you first get there. To scare you even more. So you comply then later realize all girls leave by 18. Butt you leave with no education no place to live you are thrown out into the world…Mack Ford Everything in the world is Evil and Everyone is going to Hell. I thought how are you suppose to live without anything. The day I left I found out. I have struggled ever since. I hope that people will finally figure these people and get rid of them instead of us being tortured forever. Mack Ford Knock Knock…Kim Holt