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Leigh Guidry

Louisiana College Vice President Timothy “Tim” Johnson, in a letter recently written to members of the school’s Board of Trustees, contends that President Joe Aguillard’s stance against Calvinism was an attempt to “detract attention from the real problems” at the private Baptist school in Pineville.

“It was Convention Politics using the political football of Calvinism,” Johnson wrote in his undated letter, a copy of which was obtained by The Town Talk. “No concern for truth and integrity. In the process, good men and their families have been damaged while pastors and people all around our state know that Calvinism was not the issue.”


In the letter, Johnson expressed dismay that the board committee did not speak to him or Quarles during its investigation. The law firm spoke to both during its investigation. The board committee reportedly spoke only to Aguillard.

“When you choose to only hear one man, anyone and everything can be exonerated,” Johnson said in his letter. “… Putting aside how you ultimately would vote, not even allowing us or anyone else involved in the process to be heard by you as a governing board. has done more damage than you can ever repair in your lifetime.”

Johnson makes it clear in the letter that he disagrees with the board’s vote to retain Aguillard as president.

“Yes, there was enough evidence to convict and yet it was all ignored,” Johnson wrote. “Your vote was recorded on April 30, 2013. However, history will tell the story of the results of that vote.”

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2 responses to “Johnson: Aguillard’s Calvinism stance ‘a distraction’ | #LouisianaCollege #Louisiana #CenLa

  1. Excuse me! I just read the letter spoken of and I am appalled at the hypocrisy shown by Mr. Johnson.

    It appears that Mr. Johnson’s choices about what injustices and crimes to blow whistles about depends on how such actions will personally benefit himself, and only himself.

    “You can continue to bury your head in the sand and blindly follow your Convention leaders whose only concern is Convention politics and the same dictatorial administration that they have convinced you to hand over to Dr. Aguillard.”

    Simply replace the words “your convention leaders” and “Dr. Aguillard” with “Rev. Mack Ford “(Johnson’s father-in-law), and Mr. Johnson would be talking about himself.

    He made the choice to NOT blow the whistle on his father-in-law and expose the crimes committed at the New Bethany Homes in Arcadia, of which he, Mr. Johnson had direct knowledge of.


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