Letten, ‘guerrilla journalist’ O’Keefe share heated exchange | #Louisiana

David Hammer / Eyewitness News

NEW ORLEANS — Self-proclaimed “guerrilla journalist” James O’Keefe was removed from the Tulane campus last week after he went to former U.S. Attorney Jim Letten’s Metairie home and tried to talk to Letten’s wife, then on to the university’s Uptown campus to confront Letten directly.

Letten is a dean at the school, and a Tulane police report shows he got into a verbal altercation with O’Keefe last Wednesday. That was after O’Keefe and five others went to Letten’s home and tried to talk to his wife on camera, sources tell Eyewitness News.

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Tulane bans “guerilla journalist” after confrontation with Jim Letten

Written by: Rob Masson

New Orleans, La. – He’s a self-proclaimed guerilla journalist who was sentenced to three years probation here in New Orleans back in 2010.

James O’Keefe was convicted of leading a group of four people posing as repairmen in order to gain access to Sen. Mary Landrieu’s office in the Hale Boggs building. Their goal: to document calls allegedly going unanswered concerning health care.

“People say we created a new genre…it’s called truth…it’s also Latin called ‘veritas’,” O’Keefe said at the time of his sentencing.

Now O’Keefe has surfaced again, this time at the home and office of the man who convicted him — former U.S. Attorney Jim Letten.

“It’s always distressing whether you’re a former prosecutor, a teacher or business person to have someone come on your premises,” said former U.S. Attorney Harry Rosenberg.

O’Keefe and a film crew of five people were met by Letten’s wife at the Letten’s Metairie home, and then by Letten himself at his office at the Tulane law school. Tulane police escorted the group off campus after what was described as a “verbal exchange.”

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Free… For Now

MAY 29, 2013

I have endured 1,210 days of unjust government surveillance and oppression, but today I am a free man.

I have a new video for you, and I think you’ll find that it picks up right where my persecution left off.

I was placed on probation because the judge who sentenced me destroyed my video, which would have exonerated me. Today, we still see the federal government overstepping its bounds and severely limiting freedom of the press.


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