Catholic Church distances itself from “Mystic” | #Louisiana

Posted: Jun 11, 2013 4:54 PM by Chris Nakamoto and Lee Polowczuk

BATON ROUGE- Questions are being raised tonight about a Baton Rouge charitable foundation that says it uses contributions to help retired priests, the elderly and pregnant women.

At issue is how much money the organization collects from its donors, and how little it reports to the Internal Revenue Service.

The local foundation is St. Joseph Helpers. It’s run by a married couple whose mystical claims have been a thorny issue with the Catholic Church itself for years.

The couple is John and Cathy Gabel; he is listed as the director of St. Joseph’s Helpers. She has made claims that God has given her the power to predict everything from devastating hurricanes to the downfall of Jimmy Swaggert. Her followers buy into it and give the organization big money. Now the Gabels and the foundation they run are the target of a federal investigation

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