Survivors of New Bethany mark the 1st anniversary of Mechille Searles’ death

It’s a story that won’t go away.  I know the allegations of abuse regarding New Bethany and Mack Ford make a lot of people uncomfortable.  Especially for people who were at New Bethany and did not experience any abuse.

I don’t always like the way the facts/claims are presented, but that doesn’t make the claims untrue; and facts don’t change.

I don’t like it when with  any  controversial story that victim’s reputations and credibility are often smeared for simply trying to be heard – with no examination of their claims, or the materials and facts available to back up their claims.  I also don’t like when an entire group of people are smeared and blamed for the sins of a few.

The truth is the truth no matter the source.

One thing that is telling is the sheer number of people who have made these claims.  You can look up some of the information yourself.  One need just Google “Survivors of New Bethany” and decide for yourself.

The one thing that does absolutely no good is ignoring things.  That wart on your knee does not go away by simply ignoring it.

Sometimes people simply want to be heard, they don’t expect anything to happen.  It is one way to try and heal.  Some would like to be heard in court, and it certainly isn’t about monetary gain.  There are far better avenues and topics one could choose to try and sue over to make money.  Some have already been heard in court, when events were fresh and they were ignored.  That is disturbing.

I can’t speak for any of these people of course, I was not there.  I can only point you in the direction of their stories.  You can try to shoot the messenger, but that doesn’t change the message.

Jesus had a message.  Some people tried to silence the messenger.  The message still got out.  The message is still heard to this day.

I had a few things happen to me as a child that I have had a hard time letting go of, and they weren’t even in the same ballpark as what some of the victims of New Bethany claim to have experienced.  I know some people wouldn’t want to believe me.  I know that abusers are often very good at hiding that abuse from others.  I know how hard it is to heal.  I know it is impossible to forget.

The sad fact is the victim is often so ashamed of what happened to them that they feel it was their fault , that somehow they brought it upon themselves.  So it takes great guts to talk about those things that make you feel ashamed, even though you shouldn’t feel shame at all.  You didn’t do it to yourself.  You did not ask for it, and even if asking for it were possible; that would not justify the abuse.

Some people try very hard to heal, but find it next to impossible.



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