Alcohol permit dispute intensifies after WWL-TV report on firebombing | #Louisiana

David Hammer / Eyewitness News

NEW ORLEANS — A property dispute – which some believe had something to do with a 2010 Gentilly convenience-store firebombing – has only intensified in the two months since our first Eyewitness Investigation report.

The firebombing of the Fuel Zone on Chef Highway and Louisa Street happened in 2010, while Scott Wolfe and Omar Hamdan fought over who owned the competing gas station and strip mall property across the street. And the dispute continues to this day.

Wolfe has filed several complaints against Hamdan in various courts, saying he is the real owner of the property across from the Fuel Zone. As a part of his full-court press, Wolfe also sent stacks of documents to the state Alcohol and Tobacco Control arguing that the Hamdans should not be allowed to sell alcohol at three convenience stores, including the one at the center of their property dispute.

After we asked questions in April, the state ATC swooped in to possibly take away Hamdan’s permits. The commission cited Omar’s wife, Fatmah Hamdan, with falsely stating that her spouse was not a convicted felon.

Omar Hamdan is a twice-convicted felon.


Abusaud is Omar Hamdan’s nephew, his sister’s son, and, according to Scott Wolfe, sometimes even uses Hamdan as his last name. Wolfe presented pictures to the ATC from what Wolfe says are the Fady Hamdan Facebook and Instagram accounts.

They showed Fady claiming to beat up a customer at the gas station, purportedly preparing to douse a sleeping vagabond with gasoline and bragging that he’s holding a gun to a man’s head for stealing a beer.

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