David Vitter pushing amendments to ban food stamps for some felons, stop free cell phones for poor

By Bruce Alpert, NOLA.com | Times-Picayune

WASHINGTON — Sen. David Vitter, R-La., is hoping for a vote next week on his Farm Billamendment that would end a federal program that provides cell phones to low-income Americans. Meanwhile, opponents of another Vitter amendment, barring food stamps to people previously convicted of murder, pedofilia and violent sexual assault, are hoping the Senate will reverse course and either modify the proposal or kill it.

Vitter argued strongly for both proposals just before the Senate recessed late Thursday for a 10-day Memorial Day holiday break. Debate on the Farm Bill, which sets agriculture policy for the next five years, is scheduled to resume on Monday. Last week, the Farm Bill sponsors, both Democrats and Republicans, agreed to incorporate the Vitter amendment into the legislation.

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