30 years of time-lapse satellite images show coastal Louisiana wasting away

By , Staff writer

The new Google app arrived in my life to the kind of reception reserved for a  doctor carrying the results of a biopsy. Did I really want to know?

The blog post announced that the God of the Internet had just delivered another digital miracle. It was now possible to watch 30-year time-lapse photography of any spot on the planet. This innovation expands on the phenomenal product named Google Earth, the one that stitches together satellite images of every inch of our world and offers the results for free. No more secrets or surprises.

Now, just by going to Google Earth Engine and searching for a particular location, you can watch what changes time has wrought since 1984, good or bad.

Read more:  http://thelensnola.org/

Click the image to see the full-sized animated Gif.

Follow this link to go directly to Louisiana:  http://earthengine.google.org

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