Violence ensues at Amite council: Longterm councilman arrested

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Author: Alissa Vilardo/Tuesday, May 7, 2013/

AMITE CITY— A violent fight broke out at Amite City Hall just after 8 p.m. on Tuesday, May 7, mere moments after city council members had adjourned for the night.

Arrested were longtime council member Jonathan Foster, and Amite resident Gerard Wilson.

The fight, which stunned the dispersing crowd, took four people to separate. Amite Chief of Police Jerry Trabona, Security Officer and former Chief of Police J.C. Ricks, Street Superintendent Joe Dupuy and District One Fire Bruce Cutrer each grabbed hold of the fighting men to separate them.

It is believed that the fight began as a result of harsh words exchanged between Councilman Foster and Wilson, due to Foster’s disagreement with used cars for sale on Wilson’s property at Muse Street.

During council proceedings earlier in the evening, and during last month’s council meeting as well, Foster addressed the used car lot run by Wilson and said it is illegal to run a commercial business in a residential area.

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Amite Council, April 3, 2012

Alissa VilardoReport

Published on Apr 3, 2012

During the regularly scheduled council meeting for the city of Amite, Louisiana, Councilmen Walter Daniels and Jonathan Foster spar with fellow council members over a newly proposed redistricting plan for the city. Not satisfied with the hiring process nor redistricting coming from the plans, both Daniels and Walters staged a walkout during proceedings. Amite council continued the meeting with updates from the Chamber of Commerce, but soon adjourned as it no longer met a quorum.


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