North Texans Spend Millions On Non-Existent Federal Taxes

CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

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NORTH TEXAS (CBS 11) — No one enjoys paying taxes. But everybody has to do it… or do they?

CBS 11’s I-Team has obtained a study that says Oncor, the giant electric utility company in North Texas, is collecting hundreds of millions of dollars from customers for federal taxes that don’t exist.

“Since 2008, they have collected $500 million for the purpose of paying taxes on their income,” said Randy Moravec, executive director of the Texas Coalition for Affordable Power, a coalition of member cities – including Arlington, Plano and Frisco – that works toward finding the lowest rates for residents.

Asked how much of that money has actually reached the Internal Revenue Services, Moravec said: “None … not a penny.”

“Those taxes that are collected from the consumer never end up getting paid to the federal government,” he said, adding, “It’s an unfair levy…

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