Go leftward, Rep. Cassidy

Something Like the Truth

By Robert Mann

It’s a safe bet that every day someone advises Sen. Mary Landrieu to move further to the right if she wants to win re-election in 2014.

But are any advisors telling her Republican opponent, Rep. Bill Cassidy, that he should move a bit leftward?

If they’re smart, they will.

It’s an article of faith that in a reliably red state like Louisiana, Democrats must run as “Light Republicans” to stay in office.

No doubt, Louisiana is a very conservative state. President Barack Obama lost the state’s nine electoral votes in 2008 to John McCain and again in 2012 to Mitt Romney, earning roughly 40 percent of vote each time. In his 2010 re-election bid, Sen. David Vitter trounced Charlie Melancon. Gov. Bobby Jindal, of course, cruised to victory in 2011 against token opposition.

So, it is reasonable to say that the surest way to…

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