Bullied Student Speaks Out After Being Suspended For Bringing Weapon To School For ‘Protection’

CBS Philly

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By Jericka Duncan

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Lisselox Veloz has a 3.0 grade point average and school officials say she has never been in trouble before, but last week the 16-year-old was arrested and suspended from Swenson Arts and Technology High School.

“Everyone knows about,” said Veloz. “It’s not like anything new to nobody.”

Veloz said after months of being bullied, she took matters into her own hands. The sophomore, who aspires to be a detective one day, brought a paring knife to school. A metal detector caught it and Lisselox was arrested by Philadelphia police and suspended for five days.

“I know that it was wrong to have it, but I felt like I needed something to protect myself because I know what she’s capable of,” Veloz expressed.

Lisselox said she alerted a dean at the school, several months ago, that she was being bullied…

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