Surveillance Photo Shows Missing NRH Hills Girl & Kidnapper

CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS (CBS 11 NEWS) – Police have released a new surveillance picture of missing North Richland Hills 14-year-old Ruby Contreras and the man she is traveling with, suspected child molester Stephan Cox. It was taken at a convenience store in Abilene. Investigators think it was just a pit stop as they continued to El Paso where they were last seen.

CBS 11 has learned Cox fled from Ohio where he was facing a charge of improper contact with another 14-year-old after luring a Pennsylvania girl to take her family’s SUV and drive to Ohio to meet him. Ohio police caught the two during a routine traffic stop. Cox was released to house arrest after an Ohio judge waived a 20-thousand dollar bond. Police say it appears in the surveillance photo Ruby Contreras has no idea of Cox’s past.

“They’re wearing different clothing — or she’s wearing different clothing,”…

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