Louisiana College and the Morality Flip Flop

By Rondall | Published April 26, 2013

The situation at Louisiana College has received a great deal of attention. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be any movement toward resolution. Individuals such as myself who feel that a change needs to be made at Louisiana College point to documents from Donors and Administrators that charge, convincingly we believe, President Aguillard with actions that are clearly immoral and likely even illegal. We point to faculty being released without cause or because they did things that were allowed and ethical but the administration did not like. We point to deteriorating facilities and accreditation issues. The other side claims there is nothing wrong. They claim that we are just spouting propaganda. There seems to be very little movement.

On the Town Talk comments for the Article about the Independent Investigation into whistle-blower accusations authorized by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees a commenter named Frank Elliot continues to claim, “Anyone can make accusations, and it appears that the accusations are based on opinions rather than facts.” On Twitter a minister named Tim Guthrie claims that “one sided propaganda is all that exists at current.” On the comments for theblog of Joshua Breland Jessica Rider wrote, “And if these “anonymous” donors views are the same as Quarles’ then maybe Dr. Aguilard doesn’t want their money and has faith that God will provide like He always has!!! Satan has been in attack mode on this man from day one so he must be doing something right!!!”

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