Local Water Company Using Good Fortune To Help Others

CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

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KELLER (CBS 11 NEWS) – When the McCombs moved onto their new piece of property in Keller, they were literally flooded with water problems.

“He would dig a fence post hole and it would fill with water,” Chelsea McCombs said of her father’s efforts to work on the 20-plus acres of land. “All you had to do was add concrete!”

The McCombs had found a long-forgotten spring. It was located where settlers had once lived, in a town called Double Springs. The town existed until the mid-1800’s, when the railroad was built just a few miles away. The town plugged the spring with a large barrel and literally moved their homes and businesses to what is now downtown Keller.

“This is where the spring actually comes out of the ground,” landowner Joe McCombs said, as he lifted a large, stainless steel lid on a…

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