JP Sheriff: Quintuple Shooting Tip Of Crime Iceberg


Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand stood in front of a dry erase board Monday afternoon that appeared to have the diagram of a complex molecule drawn on it.

Actually, the drawing was a diagram of 2012 and 2013 shootings in the parish, the weapons used, suspects, victims, and lines drawing possible connections between the cases.  Normand asked reporters not to reveal the exact information on the board because the cases were still under investigation with future arrests possible.

“This story continues,” the sheriff said while referring to the diagram while commenting on a quintuple shooting on the east bank of the parish earlier in the day.  “I wanted you to understand the complexity of what we’re dealing with and the fact that this office has been all over this.”

Four people were taken into custody.  At least one of them is a suspect in another murder and also is included…

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