Art student who slaughtered chicken on campus could face animal cruelty charges: police

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Calgary police say the beheading of a chicken in the cafeteria of an art school was part of a project and was sanctioned by an instructor.

Duty Inspector Cliff O’Brien says police were called to Alberta College of Art and Design around 12:15 p.m. Thursday when a student called to report someone was killing a chicken with a knife.

O’Brien says many students were shocked, but others were classmates and knew what the student was going to do.

He says police are talking to the Crown to see if charges are warranted.

The man, who was interviewed by police but not arrested, could be facing charges of animal cruelty , or causing a disturbance, police say.

He just decided to slowly slit its throat while it was wiggling

“He just decided to slowly slit its throat while it was wiggling, wriggling and screaming and then drained it out, popped its…

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