3 People Connected To Bombing Suspect Taken Into Custody In New Bedford

CBS Boston

NEW BEDFORD (CBS) – Three people in New Bedford have been detained by the FBI for questioning in connection with bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Federal and local agencies swarmed an apartment complex on Carriage Drive and executed a search warrant.

Tsarnaev, a sophomore at nearby UMass Dartmouth College, apparently has friends in the complex, and according to a witness, Tsarnaev may have been with a male taken into custody today. “They said the kid got dropped off by the bomber at 4 p.m. yesterday I heard the FBI say,” said Joe St. Pierre.

Witnesses say another male and a female were also put in a cruiser and driven away by New Bedford police. “They used a bullhorn and said ‘come out, we’re not going to hurt you,’” said witness Dave Ryhmszewizc. “They seemed scared and didn’t want to come out at first.”

The UMass Dartmouth campus was evacuated Friday morning…

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