Boston Bombing Clues Could Lead To Bigger Camera Debate


While the nation waits to hear if police have identified any suspects in the bombing at the Boston Marathon, news agencies are reporting that investigators are working leads provided by private video cameras — either owned by businesses or tv stations.

They are the kind of cameras that are becoming more and more common.  This week, they’re credited for possibly helping the Boston investigation.  Next week, it could be something else, somewhere else.

“People’s homes, people’s businesses, and chances are it’s going to catch something bad like this when it happens,” said Bryan Legard, the president of the CCTV security company.  Legard also operates the Project NOLA network of security cameras.

No doubt, cameras are becoming more common.  But not everyone is on board with their proliferation.

Already the debate is underway regarding the use of drones with cameras for surveillance purposes.  Not only are the federal as well as…

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