On Blast: Discover Who Purchased Twitter Followers


WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Twitter seems to be the preeminent social network for bringing out the best and worst tendencies in people.

In fact, after a sort of famous comedian copped to purchasing the majority of his followers to the New York Times, many Twitter users were left questioning the legitimacy of their own favorite celebrity follows.

The reality is, outside of paying for them and earning them from the natural clout your name carries, there are lots of ways to fraudulently amass followers. To name a few methods: Hashtags – Follow Friday (#FF), Team Follow Back, Team Justin, Team anything – ripping off breaking news tweets (claiming them as your own), trolling trending topics, etc.

Each of these methods seem to require a certain measure of effort to reap the rewards though, making them almost socially acceptable.

But there’s something that feels inherently wrong about purchasing Twitter followers.

Perhaps it’s…

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One response to “On Blast: Discover Who Purchased Twitter Followers

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