‘We drink. We swear. We don’t f—ing smoke’: Firm’s ban on hiring smokers leaves people asking ‘Who’s next?’

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At Momentous Corp., they don’t track vacation or sick days. Staffers can bring their dogs in to the office. The Ottawa Internet firm takes pride in being different, as evidenced by its website, where you will find, in large letters: “We drink. We swear. We don’t f—ing smoke.”

The company hires only non-smokers. This is not to say that there is simply no smoking on company time; Momentous’ 120 employees are not to smoke even in their off hours, or they risk termination. Momentous’ subsidiaries, such as the movie rental company ZIP.ca, have the same policy. The firm, a software and web developer, likens itself to a sports team, where not everyone can make the cut — a philosophy that includes smokers.

“People say, well who else wouldn’t you hire? My answer is, we don’t hire the brilliant jerk. You could be the best at your job in the…

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