Save On Meats hit back at ‘jackass’ anarchists who stole their sign with playful photo, food campaign

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Save On Meats, a legendary diner in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside neighbourhood, has launched a tit-for-tat strategy against a group of masked anarchists who allegedly stole the restaurant’s sandwich board.

After the sign disappeared last month, the thieves emailed a photo of a masked person posing with it to the diner’s owner.

Save on Meats retaliated with their own image. In a photo posted on the restaurant’s Facebook page, two people are huddled around a brand new sign. In the caption it reads: “Save On Meats — 1 Jackasses — 0.”

Attached to the new sandwich board is a cut-out of a person dressed in black and making peace signs with his hands, a clear jab at the hooded anarchist who wears a bandana and sunglasses in the original photo.

“This piece of plywood was shaped to feed the community we love,” reads the entry on Facebook. “It’s meant to…

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