Montreal woman arrested for posting photo of anti-police graffiti to Instagram

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A Montreal woman is facing a criminal charge after posting a photo online of graffiti showing a senior police officer with a bullet in his head.

Jennifer Pawluck was placed under arrest on Wednesday, released under conditions and ordered to appear before a judge at a later date to face a charge of criminal harassment.

On Thursday, the debate continued on social media sites and in mainstream media over whether a criminal charge was necessary in such circumstances.

The picture she snapped is of a graffiti drawing of Cmdr. Ian Lafreniere, a longtime Montreal police spokesman and one of the most visible faces of the force.

The photo appeared on her Instagram feed, a picture-sharing social media site.

Pawluck says she did not draw the graffiti in an east-end Montreal neighbourhood. It had the name “Ian Lafreniere” scrawled next to it and is unsigned. The caricature was wearing a uniform…

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