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When the daughter of a deposed dictator was forced to flee her home, she had no problem in finding a safe retreat.

But Aisha Gaddafi proved too hot to handle for those who welcomed her in – she has been thrown out of her Algerian safe-house for repeatedly setting it on fire.

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s 37-year-old daughter has an arrest warrant against her name after she fled Libya when her father was deposed and then killed two years ago.

The western educated lawyer arrived in Algeria with other family members after her husband – an army general – was killed in the bombing raids that destroyed Gaddafi’s regime.

The widowed mother was accorded a presidential residence in the south of the country.

Algeria’s ambassador to Libya confirmed last month that the dictator’s widow and three of his children, including Aisha, had left Algeria “a long time ago”, without giving further…

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