If you’re so concerned about your safety, don’t come to Maryland.

That’s what Jim Brewer, an Assistant State’s Attorney in Howard County told Mrs. Aaron Walker when she sought the protection of the Maryland legal system from a stalker. The stalker, by the way, was convicted serial bomber Brett Kimberlin.

When the Walkers met with ASA Brewer concerning an harassment charge against Bill Schmalfeldt, he came into the meeting with his mind already made up to drop the charge on Schmalfeldt. When Lee Stanahan met with Brewer about a similar charge against Schmalfeldt, he came in with the same no sale attitude, and even after listening to Mr. Stranahan’s side of the story, would not promise anything.

The State’s Attorney dropped both Stranahan’s and Walker’s charges against Schmalfeldt. That was done without providing the notice of the change of hearing date to either complainant. They only found out when Hogewash! alerted…

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