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MONTREAL — For the first time in the history of the International Space Station, a Canadian will take charge of the giant orbiting space lab.

The transfer of command to space veteran Chris Hadfield will be marked Wednesday by the simple ringing of a ceremonial bell.

He is almost three months into his five-month space visit.

Since his arrival on Dec. 21, 2012, the Canadian space veteran has been taking spectacular photos of the world beneath him and posting them on Twitter. Hadfield’s colourful, detailed images have received international attention and helped him gain over 500,000 Twitter followers.

Another recent photo showed an apple with Velcro on the bottom which, Hadfield explained, allowed him to set it down between bites.

But the 53-year-old spaceman may have to cut down on the amount of time he has devoted to his nascent photography career.

The transfer of command to Hadfield, and the…

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