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A Welsh grandfather hailed as a hero for wrestling a shark away from children in Australia has been fired because he was on sick leave at the time.

Paul Marshallsea, 62, was on holiday with his wife Wendy, 56, when the incident at Bullcock Beach on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast occurred.

When a shark was spotted swimming toward a group of young children, he waded into the sea, grabbed the 1.8-metre dusky whaler shark by the tail and dragged it into deeper water.

The incident received widespread coverage after a local TV crew filming nearby caught the incident on video.

Mr. Marshallsea’s bravery made headlines in the Australian and British media, and lifeguards praised his actions.

But the charity worker and his wife were supposedly on extended sick leave from their jobs with the Pant & Dowlais Boys & Girls Club in Merthyr Tydfil, 30 kilometres north of Cardiff. The couple…

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