BASTROP, LA: Family scammed by fake foundation speaks out

Posted: Mar 05, 2013 5:11PM CST

Updated: Mar 05, 2013 5:47 PM CST

Posted By April Dovorany, News Anchor

BASTROP, La. (KNOE 8 News) – Following the arrest of a former Morehouse Parish sheriff’s deputy for theft and conspiracy, a Bastrop mother is speaking out.

Leigh Ann Jones says her family faces daily struggles, constant breaking and fracturing of bones and plenty of hospital time thanks to a connective tissue disorder.

Jones and her four children suffer from OI and Ehler’s Danlos syndrome, connective tissue disorders commonly known as “Brittle Bone Disorder.”

But the family has always made things work. Leigh Ann and her husband Doug have done everything they can to give their children a normal life.


Family friends Quinton and Stacey Mewborn decided to hold a pageant with their foundation, “Little Angels of NELA to raise funds for the family and to spread awareness of the diseases.

The pageant was held December 8th, 2012 but Leigh Ann Jones and her family never saw any money from the pageant.


Chasity Rhodes, who worked with Stacey Mewborn and collected donations from the pageant says she expects about 60-80 people to come forward as victims, either from pageant entry fees or from monetary donations.

Sheriff Mike Tubbs says Stacey Mewborn is hospitalized and will be arrested when she is released.

Stacey Mewborn

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