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Residents in Seffner, Florida, got the unnerving news Monday that a second sinkhole emerged about three kilometres away from the one that swallowed a man in his bedroom last week.

“It happened to that man, it happened to our neighbour — it could happen to anyone,” said Katia Vargas. “Oh God, it’s scary.”

Geotechnical engineer John Marquardt offered little confort to residents, saying that “there is not much you can do” to prepare for a sinkhole.

“Occasionally you’ll get some warning signs, some cracking or some sloping fences,” he said.

The gaping sinkhole that swallowed resident Jeff Bush in his home last week was revealed Monday when demolition crews knock down the remaining walls and begin clearing away the debris.

Crews on Sunday razed more than half the home, managing to salvage some keepsakes for family members who lived there.

The opening of the sinkhole has been covered by the…

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