Meet Macite, she’s the oldest rhino living in captivity in the world and she just celebrated her 50th birthday at Audubon Zoo!

Senior keeper at Audubon Zoo EJ Nuss says, “Macite is so friendly you would never know she was a 4,500lb animal.”

To keep up her figure this Southern White Rhino downs 30lbs of grains a day, and most of the time she’s cool, calm and collected.

“She has some seniority when it comes to the group. She knows where she stands and she knows that she’s got the experience,” says Audubon Zoo’s Bridget Collins-Lyman.

Macite shares her home with two other rhinos, Saba a male, and Yvonne a female. It may look like her job is to attract crowds, but she’s actually got a bigger plate to fill.

Macite first met WGNO’s Vanessa Bolano two years ago. Bolano was shooting a rhino love story and Macite was…

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