Louisiana Legislators Promise New Donation Laws for Hunters

Public outrage hit a fever pitch last week when it was discovered that $8,000 worth of deer meat donated by hunters to feed the homeless was destroyed by the State Department of Health and Hospitals. However, local politicians have delivered a quick response and a promise: this won’t happen again.

Louisiana State Representative Jeff Thompson (R-Bossier City) held a press conference on Monday (Feb. 25) to discuss how Louisiana will handle hunters’ donations in the future and how the destroyed venison will be replaced.

Speaking to a group of reporters at the Shreveport-Bossier Rescue Mission in downtown Shreveport, Rep. Thompson pledged that there would never again be a situation where donated deer meat would go to waste.

“Government across this nation oftentimes seems out of control. I think everybody here is devoted to making sure that each and every branch of government, each and every agency, should work on behalf of taxpayers to find the way to say yes, not an excuse or reason to say no,” said Thompson. “Through the various departments before you today, I’m glad to say that we’ve worked together so far to find a way to say yes, to resolve the issue regarding the donations to great organizations like this rescue mission and programs like Hunters for the Hungry.”






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