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Three weeks after it was cast adrift into the North Atlantic, a rat-infested “ghost ship” from St. John’s has put European authorities on alert after it reappeared drifting towards the Irish coast.

The 100-metre-long M/V Lyubov Orlova is still 2,400 km from the beaches of Galway, but the Irish Coast Guard is poring over satellite imagery to make sure the ship can be wrangled away before it drifts into shipping lanes or breaks apart on the coast.

“Were the vessel to enter Irish waters, then procedures will be put in place to deal with the vessel at that stage,” wrote Caroline Ryan, a spokeswoman with the Irish Department of Transport, in an email to the Post.

In better times, the Yugoslavia-built vessel worked as an “expedition” cruise ship specializing in polar regions. That came to an end in September, 2010 when Canadian authorities seized the ship during a stopover…

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