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MONTREAL — A Montreal police officer who gained notoriety under the moniker “Officer 728” after viral videos surfaced of her allegedly roughing people up was ordered Tuesday to stay out of trouble for one year and undergo psychiatric treatment.

Const. Stefanie Trudeau, who has been suspended with pay since Oct. 2, has also been ordered to stay away from any offices or members of the Montreal police force and cannot possess any firearms.

Among the reasons for the peace order was that a Montreal police officer described feeling threatened by her.

Trudeau appeared handcuffed in a Montreal courtroom but was released after signing the promise to keep the peace and agreeing to the 15-day psychiatric evaluation to be carried out at a Sherbrooke hospital.

She worked her jaw as if chewing gum while the conditions of her release were explained to her and responded in single-word affirmations that she understood…

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